Saturday, April 5, 2014

Into the End Survival Scouts!

Ummm did I read that right? Survival Scouts? Yes! The amazing and very talented Bonnie R. Paulson has a BRAND NEW group that is just for you! If you are a lover for all things brains... aka Zombies, and can make it through the suspense of surviving til the end of the world, then this is perfect for you! 
She is looking for Survival Scouts!

So you've survived through the outbreak without being eaten or turning into a zombie, and made it through the End, what do you do now? You find others who have been where you've been and you join together to give support and encouragement... and help others as they travel through the pages of Bonnie R. Paulson's books.
No one can understand your enthusiasm for the dark side until they've been there. No one can understand like another survivor. Become a Survival Scout and guide others to the epic words inside Bonnie's books.

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