Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I SUCK at....

Oh my gosh, so I seriously suck at this blogging thing. I never know what to write, what you want to read/know... so I stare at the blank post screen forever until I give up, and then I think, oh my gosh I haven't even tried to write a post in YEARS. Okay, so it hasn't been years, but at the rate I'm going it might as well be. I wonder, does anyone even read blogs from people like me? Hum... interesting question.
Okay, so here's what is up with me....
Wolf Spell went Perma-Free (WHAT! I know, I was just as excited)
AND then... so did Ageless Sea (double WHAT!!!)
BUT THEN... I released Endless Shores!!! (I know, don't pass out from all that awesomeness in one shot)
Three of my beautiful SIL's are having babies. One TODAY (eep!) I'm so excited for them.... oh and so is my sister... and my cousin.... I'm thinking about staying away from the water, it might be infected with baby making chromosomes, and I already have four amazing kiddos....
Let's see, what else...Oh, I've started a new weight loss journey (Not as fun news as the others) but I have realized that this fat momma needs to lose some inches. It's working. I hope... oh look, a cookie.
This isn't past news, but my birthday is coming up! Whoop! I turn one year older. I'm entitled to say that and am excited, because it wasn't too long ago that I nearly died.(Yes, very serious)  Every year I grow older, and every year I get to see my kids grow is a year I celebrate.
I didn't make it to UtopYa this year, and I totally bummed myself out clicking refresh on my computer all weekend so I could live vicariously through my friends' posts. My clicker finger is tired and needs vacation after that one, wow!
I think that's it. I'm not gonna bore you with details like how I spent hours in the tire shop waiting for an a simple job such as an alignment, or how we had to replace basically the whole front end of my car.... So, I guess that's it. You have now seen the life of an author, behind the scenes full update lol.
I can't promise that I will have the best posts, or that I'll write one every single day (because let's be honest, if I remember to do one, once a week someone must have called in a miracle) but I promise to try. I also can't promise what I'll write about. Seeing as how I stated that in my first post on this sight, I think I can get a gold star for consistency hehehe. So now you know what's up with me. What about you? What have you been up to? Seriously, I love comments!