Monday, June 9, 2014

The Girl Who Hates to Bake

Ha! The title alone says everything. I always read the "about me" sections in books, blogs, ect... but I never really learn anything about them. Well, nothing that makes them different from all the others. I have kids, a spouse, a career. And, sometimes they have gone to college.
So, this time, I'm doing all that but with a little more detail on this about me post. Don't blame me, it's Alissa's fault. She's the owner of Author Stalkers and she is MAKING me do this post... I mean, that's what stalkers do, right?
Okay, so, I am a wife of a supportive husband (see, I have a spouse), a mom to four amazing kiddos (have kids) and I am a paranormal/fantasy/romance author (and... surprise! I have a career lol.) But, I am also the girl who hates to bake. Yup, I said it. I can cook, and very well I might add, but I hate baking. Homemade dinner? Sure. Cupcakes? Forget it. I love the soft bakery goods, but hate making them. And to top it off, when I was younger (not going into age) I was a baker! Like get up at 3am and make doughnuts kind of baker. I hated it.
I am also the girl who loves her family more than anything else. So, never make me choose, because my family will win, hands down.
I used to love camping, but now at the end of the day, you know when the night meets the sky and the creepy night animals come out and make weird noises but you can never see them??? Yeah, it's about that time that I am all for packing up and heading home. I may or may not have watched too many movies that end badly.

I went to school for wildlife and forestry (and now we see the schooling lol), but didn't finish my last THREE credits that were for the law enforcement part lol... yeah, maybe it was the movies again. I can blame them, everyone else does, right?
I have Automatonophobia or Autrobia. I am deeply afraid of robots. Yes, I am serious.
I was also a photographer and while that was fun and I was able to use my creativity, and I might add that I was pretty good at it, it was not my most desired passion.
No, (aside from family, which we already covered) writing is my passion and in December 2012 I was brave enough to finally let the world read my stories. My debut book was Wolf Spell, the first book in the Wolf Trilogy. Between then and December 2013 I had five books released: Wolf Spell (#1 Wolf Trilogy), Wolf Dream (#2 Wolf Trilogy), Mark of the Dragon (Book 1 in the Mysts of Santerrian Series), Change of Possession, and Ageless Sea (Book 1 in the Ageless Series). Since then, doors have opened that I've only dreamed about, and I am here to stay. If you are reading this, and there is one thing you take away from learning about me it's that I love.... LOVE LOVE LOVE writing and I LOVE my readers. Oh, you can also remember that I like baked goods (anything chocolate and gift wrapped works) but hate baking them.
So, now you know about me. Wife, mom, writer, hates camping but went to school for wildlife, cook but not a baker.