Sunday, April 6, 2014

AutomatonWHAT? You're scared of ROBOTS???

It's actually called Automatonophobia and yes I have it! Many people would never guess that people are afraid of robots or human like androids, but there truly are others like me out there with a persistent fear. I can't tell you why I am that way, only that I've actually screamed and jumped up on a kitchen table to get away from a small robot before. Nightmares for ten more years and I can still recall the anxiety of how that felt. (Everyone always thinks it's funny to tease me about my rare and abnormal phobia so they had a robot chase me... not cool. SOOO not cool.)

The scariest movies are ones like Short Circut (oh my gosh nightmares for LIFE) and Bicentennial Man (CREEPY) ohh... and that one with Will Smith, I, Robot (I might never sleep again with lights off thanks to the makers of that movie) I can't even get a safe distance away from the TV while these kinds of movies are on. But you want to know something funny? I LOVE Transformers! They are the only robots that I have liked. Like ever. Maybe I would need an entire bottle of something for anxiety if I had to see them in person, but the movies are awesome. Oh and that cute little cartoon movie Robots? Yeah I can watch that. But that is about it! Seriously, no joke. ( I freaked out with Wall-E) And robots in person? You remember that episode I just wrote about with me on table? Yeah, that is probably a mild case compared to actually being around a tall human-like robot. No. No no no no no.

Anyway, I was talking with this sweet woman and she had no clue that this phobia even existed! So it got me thinking, what other phobias are out there? Do you have one? I mean, I just told you mine and I think it would be interesting to see if anyone else out there has the same thing! I've never ever met or talked to anyone else with my fear... maybe I'm the only one alive who has it hahahaha...Alright, your turn. Spill your phobia!

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