Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Search of the Perfect Title

Yeah, it's that time... time to title a book. Usually I don't have a problem. Before this particular book, Wolf Spell was the hardest one, but it wasn't THIS hard. My new christian fiction I am writing under Rose Morgan is an amazing book. You know how people say that things are skin deep? Yeah, well, this book is soul deep. Truly. I'm not just saying this. SO, every title I think of doesn't do it justice.
I've done all the tricks in the book, and even some that weren't. I've written down every noun, verb, adjective I can think of that describes the book or how the book makes me feel. I've gone through the words thinking maybe a certain phrase would stand out but nothing. I've bugged my best friends probably so much that they are sick of titles too. So what to do?
Well, tomorrow I'm going to hash it out yet again with a new ear, someone who hasn't heard my endless ideas of titles (yes I have MANY written down) and will see what we can come up with.
So this got me thinking. What do you think of titles? Whether you are an author or just a reader, what makes a title stand out to you? What draws you in? What about the title makes you want to read a book? I'm not talking cover, just title. What are things that you hate or despise about titles? I totally want both viewpoints so chime in and leave a comment!

Update: AND... HOLY MOLY.... As I was finishing this post it hit me! Like a ton of bricks and a thousand butterflies in my stomach. The title has been with me all along, but I never saw it until I wrote this post. But YES, I still want your comments! I just thought you'd like to know! :) I'll be revealing the title now very soon!

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