Thursday, February 13, 2014

In The Beginning... And The Voices Said...

I am blogging... again... I say again because I had a blog once upon a time ago, but stopped because it was so freaking hard to keep up with and I would run out of ideas (and for those of you who know me, that is hard to for me to do).
So, I was thinking and the voices started thinking (no they aren't real voices... but, shhhh don't tell them that!) and I came to the conclusion that I'm not going to blog about me.
I'm not going to blog just about my books, or my writing, or whatever.... I am going to blog about it all! Everything that I find interesting, yeah, it's gonna be on here. I might find a great easy dinner recipe, or a new craft, or a new book from one of the awesome authors who I meet along the way. I will blog about whatever. So if you're into that new, sporadic, exciting, winging it, kind of stuff, then follow me. But, if you're looking for a blog that only blogs about one thing, this might no be your cup of tea. Heck, this is a new journey for me as well.

So, a little bit about me....
My name is Misty, and I am a writer. Not just any writer, oh no, a Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance writer. Yes, an author of fabulous novels. And no, my vampires don't sparkle, but what a unique idea! I write under my initials: M.R. Polish.
I also write Christian Fiction under a pen name: Rose Morgan. I am a wife to a supportive husband, and a mom to four amazing kiddos whose names are: Kiddo #1, #2, #3, & #4... sometimes also known as the monsters or creatures... depending on how many legos I've stepped on ;) I love crafts (Mostly crocheting), cooking (when I have time), reading, writing(duh), and Pinterest. I love that darn site! Ugh! So addicting! I am not a sport kind of girl, not unless reading is a sport. I like watching figure skating, but you'll never catch me in a pair of skates. And most of the things I love, like those mentioned above, will most likely be what is blogged about, so now you have a fair warning. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say books will be a HUGE thing.... But, like the blog title says.... I hear voices and I will blog what they say! Hahahahaaha

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